It All Starts In Here

Few Years Ago

Our story

Eco-Shoes Africa was founded in 2022 by Moses Taban Mathew and his teammates, our journey is deeply rooted in compassion, resilience, personal experience and a desire to make a meaningful impact. Moses grew up with his mother. At the age of five, his mother sent him to school so that he could study and have a better future. However, as a single parent, she was unable to supply him with all the necessary academic requirements to keep him at school, which made him move to school with torn pairs of shoes given to him by his cousin’s sister. In 2016, war started in his country, South Sudan, forcing him to take refuge in Uganda. At the refugee camp, Moses showed thousands of refugee children moving to school barefooted due to the inability of their parents to buy for them shoes for moving to school.

Driven by this touching reminder of his own past, Moses embarked on a mission to provide footwear to these vulnerable children, thus laying the foundation for Eco-Shoes Africa. Despite initial obstacles, Moses assembled a dedicated team of individuals who shared his passion for social change.

Today, Eco-Shoes Africa stands as a beacon of hope, driven by a mission to recycle old shoes into artistic and eco-friendly footwear, provide essential footwear to vulnerable children, empower refugees through livelihood skills training, and advocate for refugee rights.