About Us

About us

We believe in Advocacy

We advocate for refugee rights, working to raise awareness and support for the needs and rights of refugees

Eco-Shoes Africa, a non-governmental humanitarian organization located in Bibidibi refugee settlement in northern Uganda. At Eco-Shoes Africa, we’re dedicated to sustainability and social impact. Through innovative methods, we recycle old shoes to craft artistic and eco-friendly footwear. 

But our mission extends beyond fashion. We’re committed to supporting vulnerable children in refugee camps by providing them with the essential footwear they need to access education.

Moses Taban Mathew

Executive director and founder

Need help? Contact me

+256 786 903073 or moses@ecoshoeafrica.org

Our Approach

Recycling and Innovation:

 We recycle old shoes into artistic and eco-friendly footwear, reducing waste and promoting sustainability

Essential Footwear Provision:

We provide essential footwear to vulnerable children, ensuring they can attend school comfortably and with dignity.

Livelihood Skills Training:

We empower refugees with training in skills such as shoemaking, financial literacy, and sustainable farming.


We advocate for refugee rights, working to raise awareness and support for the needs and rights of refugees.

We aim higher than anyone could think

Our mission

Our mission is to support refugee children with shoes for going to school while creating employment opportunities to displaced refugee communities

Our Vision

We envision at creating a world where all refugees have opportunities and chances to thrive and survive

Our Objective

Our objective is to provide refugees with the necessary resources, support, and opportunities to rebuild their lives and integrate into their new communities.

Our History

"Let all children go to school with foot wear"

2022 - 2024

It is not just an orgainzation, it is a story

Eco-Shoes Africa was founded in 2022 by Moses Taban Mathew and his teammates, our journey is deeply rooted in compassion, resilience, personal experience and a desire to make a meaningful impact.

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