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Who We Are

Eco-Shoes Africa, a non-governmental humanitarian organization located in Bibidibi refugee settlement in northern Uganda. Advocacy is also at the core of what we do. We tirelessly champion for refugee rights and raise awareness about the challenges they face.

At Eco-Shoes Africa, we’re dedicated to sustainability and social impact. Through innovative methods, we recycle old shoes to craft artistic and eco-friendly footwear. But our mission extends beyond fashion. We’re committed to supporting vulnerable children in refugee camps by providing them with the essential footwear they need to access education. Moreover, we empower refugees by imparting livelihood skills in shoe making, offering them employment opportunities within our organization. 

Impact Stories

Jane’s Journey to Empowerment

Jane’s story is one of resilience and transformation. Arriving at the Bidibidi refugee settlement as a young girl, Jane faced numerous challenges. With limited access to resources and opportunities, her future seemed uncertain. However, her life took a positive turn when she joined Eco-Shoe Africa’s shoemaking program.

A Brighter Future for Daniel

Daniel, a teenager from the Bidibidi refugee settlement, struggled to continue his education due to the lack of basic necessities, including footwear. Without shoes, attending school was a daily challenge, especially during harsh weather conditions.

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